Russian cat lost in America


By Elleda Wilson

Posted: September 23, 2011


Well, we have a mystery and foreign intrigue (OK, maybe that’s stretching a bit) and a lot of locals wrapped up in FINDING THE OWNER OF A CAT, pictured above in a photo provided by JENNIFER STEVENSON.

LOIS GILMORE, office manager at BAYSHORE ANIMAL HOSPITAL in Warrenton, told the Ear that veterinarian DR. SHEILA KILPONON was dropping her child off at Coryell’s Crossing on Marlin Avenue in Warrenton recently, when she saw the cat trying to get into the day care. She caught the cat and brought it over to Bayshore.

The rescued feline was wearing a jeweled collar and appeared to have been out on his own for some time. He was scanned, and apparently the cat originally came from Russia, as the microchip was in Russian. KATHI SMITH at the Warrenton Police Department was called for advice, and she recommended that they call NADIA FONTANA.

Nadia, who speaks fluent Russian, translated the information on the chip, which said the cat’s name is ALEKS. An international calling card was purchased, and Nadia called the company listed on the microchip to find out who owns the cat. It was a dead end, though, as the company has gone out of business. Nadia has been inquiring in the Russian community here on the North Coast to find Aleks’ owner, but so far has had no luck.

Aleks is middle-aged, neutered and declawed, with a coat that is white with some orange in it. Bayshore receptionist TAMMY FAULEY told the Ear that he is an Exotic Shorthair – a cross between an American or British shorthair and a Persian. It would have been quite expensive to bring the cat to this country, she noted.

Are you the owner, or do you know who owns Aleks? If so, please call Bayshore Animal Hospital at (503) 861-1621.

“He’s fine, he’s eating. He’s a nice cat,” Lois said. “We’re really stumped. I’ve been in the industry for 14 years, and this is like, wow.”

Reprinted with the permission of The Daily Astorian of Astoria, Oregon. 

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